The following resources can provide pilots with information on the current status of the National Airspace System (NAS), general principles of traffic flow management (TFM) and the development of America’s next generation air transportation system (NextGen).

Traffic Flow Management

Understand the Basics

A central element of FileSmart is seeing the “big picture” and understanding how the NAS is managed.  Management of the NAS is accomplished through the use of Traffic Flow Management (TFM), which is defined as managing the flow of traffic based on capacity and demand at airports and in the airspace. Learn more about TFM.

Traffic Management Initiatives

Know the FAA’s Tools

In order to manage the NAS, air traffic managers need to have tools at their disposal. These tools are called traffic management initiatives or TMIs. A TMI is a procedure that ATC uses to manage traffic around a constraint in the system – be it weather, excess volume or a variety of other issues. Learn more about TMIs.

Finding NAS Information Online

Know Where to Find Out What is Going On

Getting information about what is happening in the NAS is easier than you might think. The FAA provides numerous online resources at Flight plan service providers and aviation associations, such as NBAA, AOPA and NATA, can provide additional help and resources. Learn more about finding NAS information online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about FileSmart and air traffic issues. If you have a question and don’t see it listed, email [email protected] for help. Review the FileSmart FAQs.